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Thank you very much for considering making a donation to the TeX Users Group.

Here is the general donation form (more details below). Please enter amounts in US dollars (approximate currency conversions).

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$   TUG Bursary Fund contribution (financial assistance for attending the annual meeting)
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$   TeX Development Fund contribution (financial assistance for TeXnical projects)
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$   LaTeX Project contribution
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$   LyX contribution
$   MacTeX contribution
$   PDF Accessibility Fund contribution

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Using PayPal is faster and less expensive for TUG, but if you cannot or do not wish to use PayPal, you can provide payment information directly in the fields below. Please use whichever method you prefer!

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More information

Donations generally qualify for the income tax charitable deduction in the United States. TUG's tax ID number is 22-2868942. More details on TUG's tax-exempt charitable status. Some employers will match donations to nonprofits.

General TUG contributions can be used for any purpose, at TUG's discretion. This includes but is not limited to the specific project donations; for example, they can also help toward our overhead. Use of general donations is ultimately approved by the TUG board as part of the budget.

In contrast, donations to the specific projects are 100% dedicated to those projects and never used for any other purpose. The principals of each project decide how the donations are spent; just for example, funds have been used to purchase equipment, hosting costs, conference expenses, … TUG takes no portion of project donations for overhead costs. If you would like to support a project not listed above, please contact us.

Many thanks to all our past donors.

Thanks again for your consideration.

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