Call for papers - TUG 2023

We invite presentations on the use and development of LaTeX, plain TeX, ConTeXt, MetaPost, and the rest of the TeX family. Presentations on new TeX developments, publishing, or any topic related to the TeX world are happily received.

A brief document with advice for presenters in Bonn is available. The most critical point is that speakers will need to send slides/other files in advance, since it will be necessary to use the video firm's laptop for all presentations.

Submission information

Please submit your presentation proposal via email to, including:

Early submissions are greatly appreciated. Please also email us at that same address for any questions, suggestions, expressions of interest, etc.

Submissions after the deadline will be considered, indeed gratefully received, as long as space is available. But to ease our planning, please at least contact us by the deadline.

We try to reply to all proposals within a day or two of receipt. If it has gone longer, please do resend, perhaps from a different email address. And check your spam filters, as always.

Preprints received by June 15 (preferred format: PDF with corresponding sources), will be posted on the conference web site.

The final proceedings will be prepared as a TUGboat issue, after the conference; submission deadline: July 23, 2023. Articles can also be submitted for the subsequent issue. A template for TUGboat papers is available, along with other information for authors. Presentations without accompanying papers are also welcome at the conference.

Plan for a total presentation time around 30-40 minutes, including time for questions. If you know you will need either more or less time, please let us know, as this is crucial information for scheduling.

Presentations: in-person or pre-recorded

This is primarily an in-person conference. Please come to Bonn!

However, if there is space in the schedule, we may be able to accept a few pre-recorded talks, which will be played in the lecture hall and sent over the conference livestream. As speaker, you will need to be available for q&a at the time of the talk.

A detailed guide for speakers on creating a presentation is available. Some basic considerations for the recording: sharing and displaying slides, having a good video frame and good audio, and headphones and/or a good microphone to avoid feedback.

When recording, please do not use proprietary music, images or other material. Then the video requires extra editing (to remove the non-copyable material), if it can be posted at all. YouTube is strict about this.

Presentation guidelines

Here are some general guidelines for content of presentations:

We look forward to hearing from you!

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