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Issue 2012, Number 1    [Published 2012-10-22]

Documenting ITIL processes with LaTeX (Portuguese)

Rayans Carvalho and Francisco Reinaldo

Abstract: Many companies have evolved with the implementation of the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), using the best practices and processes to achieve practical results. Good practice suggests what to do, but at the same time raise doubts about how to do it and which tools to use to get better work performance in ITIL. Noting these facts, this article presents a LaTeX-based processes and services documentation tool, as suggested by ITIL.
Rayans Carvalho is an undergraduate student of Computer Science - Information Systems at Unileste, Brazil. Additionaly, he is a trainee of the Laboratory of Computational Intelligence (LIC). Francisco Reinaldo is titular professor at Unileste, Brazil. His main research interest is Computational Intelligence (Director of LIC), but devotes much of his time collaborating with the LaTeXian community, and is an editor of The PracTeX Journal. You can reach them at lic at unilestemg dot br .

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