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Issue 2012, Number 1    [Published 2012-10-22]

Formatting Sweave and LATEX Documents in APA Style

Brian D. Beitzel

Abstract: Journals in the social sciences typically require manuscripts to be formatted according to the American Psychological Association's Publication Manual, which is now in its 6th Edition. The apa6 class is an update of the popular apa class (often referred to as “apa.cls”), bringing it into compliance with 6th Edition requirements and adding a few new features. This article describes the major features of apa6 and presents results from testing apa6 with four bibliographic package scenarios; the output of these bibliographic packages is compared with 6th Edition requirements. The article concludes with information regarding how to easily convert a document from LaTeX to Microsoft Word for the purpose of submitting manuscripts to journals that require APA style.
Brian Beitzel. I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Educational Psychology, Counseling and Special Education at SUNY Oneonta in Oneonta, NY. I started learning and using LaTeX because of the potential of the apa class for formatting manuscripts (including Sweave for reproducible research) and because of the capabilities of the beamer package for presentations. You can contact Brian at brian at beitzel dot com.

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