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Dual Screen Presentations with the LaTeX Beamer Class under X

Klaus Dohmen


We show how the X Resize, Rotate and Reflect Extension of the X Window System can be used to display a LaTeX beamer presentation on one or two beamers while simultaneously displaying the output of both beamers on the lecturer's display. If only one beamer is used, the lecturer's display might show both the beamer output and hidden notes.

Klaus Dohmen is a professor of mathematics at Mittweida University of Applied Sciences in Mittweida, Germany. He holds a doctoral degree in mathematics from the University of Düsseldorf, and a habilitation degree in computer science from Humboldt-University Berlin. His primary research interests are combinatorics and graph theory. He has been an enthusiastic user of LaTeX since 1991 when he wrote his diploma thesis. Since then, he uses LaTeX to typeset articles, course materials, letters, and presentations, and encourages students to learn LaTeX early in their undergraduate studies.

You can contact him by sending an email to

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