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2006, Number 1


[Published 2006-02-18]
From the Editor: In this issue: Fonts
  Lance Carnes
  From Readers
Invitation to PracTeX'06
  Robin Laakso
Whole Issue PDF for PracTeX Journal 2006-1
  The Editors
Typographic Opportunities
  Tamye Riggs
Font selection in LaTeX
     The most frequently asked questions
  Walter Schmidt
Mac OS X Fonts in pdfTeX
  Gerben C. Th. Wierda, Thomas A. Schmitz and Adam T. Lindsay
The MathTimeProfessional Fonts
     Or, How I Wasted the Last Twenty Years of my Life
  Mike Spivak
An exploration of the Latin Modern fonts
  Will Robertson
Chinese TeX: Using the CJK LaTeX Package, Unicode TrueType Fonts and PDFTeX under Windows
  Helmer Aslaksen
A Survey of Free Math Fonts for TeX and LaTeX
  Stephen Hartke
Travels in TeX Land: Using the Lucida fonts
  David Walden
Ask Nelly:
     Which fonts can be accessed from the TeX Live distribution just using usepackage?
     What is the difference between Fonts and Typefaces?
     Which are the best fonts for typesetting math?
  The Editors
Distractions: Name-that-Font
  The Editors