[XeTeX] how to suppress doted circle next to a glyph

Jonathan Kew jfkthame at gmail.com
Fri Sep 25 23:31:07 CEST 2020

On 25/09/2020 22:17, Michael Maxwell wrote:
> In my experience, a dotted circle is an indication that there's a 
> non-base character which needs a base character before it, but there's 
> no suitable base character.  If you type a Unicode Combining Acute 
> Accent (U+0301), but there's no base character (like a vowel) 
> preceding it, you'll get such a dotted circle.
> If I'm not mistaken, U+1133E is the Grantha Vowel Sign Aa.  Maybe it 
> needs a consonant to its left?

Correct. It might work to use U+00A0 there if you want the vowel sign 
with no visible consonant:


Alternatively, a workaround might be to look up the glyph ID with 
\XeTeXcharglyph and then print it using \XeTeXglyph, so something like:


should produce the desired glyph by itself.

(The spacing of these two options will be different, as the first uses 
no-break space as a base for the cluster, whereas the second just prints 
the vowel-sign glyph with no extra spacing.)


> On 9/25/2020 4:28 PM, François Patte wrote:
>> Bonjour,
>> I want to use some glyph using the command \symbol. In some case I get a
>> glyph with a dotted circle, how can I get the glyph without this circle?
>> For instance, if I type \symbol{"1133E}, I get this as a result after
>> compilation:   𑌾    with a dotted circle before.
>> Is it possible to eliminate the circle? And how?
>> Thank you.
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