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> Στις Δευ, 8 Ιουν, 2020 στις 11:48, ο χρήστηςPhilip Taylor
> <P.Taylor at Hellenic-Institute.Uk> έγραψε:
> Dijkstra was indeed a /very/ great theoretician, and I think that the
> IT world is a far poorer place not only for his passing but for the
> passing of the generation of computer scientists that he epitomised.
> Dijkstra, I think, saw computer programming purely as an intellectual
> exercise, one that did not require access to a physical computer in
> order to be practised — all one had to do was to write the program,
> prove that it was correct, and one's task was done.
> Years ago I read somewhere that in the
> early days of computing, programmers
> wrote the code on paper and typists where
> the ones that actually fed the code to the
> machine. In addition. Dijkstra was Dutch

Yes, when I was a student, I had to write the FORTRAN program by hand
to a special form so that a typist knows to which column to type each
character. Column 6 was used for marking a continuation line, columns
1 to 5 for labels, hence column 6 was clearly marked on the form. I
completed the university in 1981 and this situation continued a few
more years.

> so he was probably familiar with
> intuitionism. Roughly, this philosophy of
> mathematics among others seea
> theorem proving as a mental activity.
> Since mathematics and programming
> are similar, I think Dijkstra's view was
> quite natural.
> Regards,
> Apostolos

Zdeněk Wagner

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