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  Στις Δευ, 8 Ιουν, 2020 στις 11:48, ο χρήστηςPhilip Taylor<P.Taylor at Hellenic-Institute.Uk> έγραψε:
Dijkstra was indeed a /very/ great theoretician, and I think that the 
IT world is a far poorer place not only for his passing but for the 
passing of the generation of computer scientists that he epitomised.  
Dijkstra, I think, saw computer programming purely as an intellectual 
exercise, one that did not require access to a physical computer in 
order to be practised — all one had to do was to write the program, 
prove that it was correct, and one's task was done.Years ago I read somewhere that in the early days of computing, programmerswrote the code on paper and typists wherethe ones that actually fed the code to themachine. In addition. Dijkstra was Dutch so he was probably familiar withintuitionism. Roughly, this philosophy ofmathematics among others seeatheorem proving as a mental activity.Since mathematics and programmingare similar, I think Dijkstra's view wasquite natural.
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