[XeTeX] Translation commands for package dramatist to put in the marathi.ldf file

Zdenek Wagner zdenek.wagner at gmail.com
Mon Apr 13 12:34:08 CEST 2020

Hi Rohit,

you need nothing special to write a package. Whatever can go to a
preamble can be in a package. You should only know that inside a
package @ is a character, not a special symbol. If you define a
general purpose macro which for whatever purpose has to call a package
internal macro, you can use @ in its name, e.g. \my at intermal@macro.
Packages often do it and it is recommended to use a short package
identification followed by @ followed by a descriptive name for
internal macros. For instance I use \zwpg at something type internal
macros in my zwpagelayout. the reason is that internal macros are not
documented and this convention prevents redefinition of someone else's
internal macro by accident. It is also recommended to identify the
package by

\ProvidesPackage{packagename}[YYYY/MM/DD Descriptive text]

It will be visible in the log file, especially if you also request the
list of packages used. And in \usepackage or \RequirePackage you can
request a package of a specified date or newer. In such a case LaTeX
will check YYYY/MM/DD in the square brackets and warn you if you have
an old version installed.

The package can have options but you should firsl try to make a simple
package and learn \DeclareOption and \ProcessOptions later. And maybe
you will never need options. If a package is not too complex, it is
easier to do everything just by macros.

Zdeněk Wagner

po 13. 4. 2020 v 12:18 odesílatel Philip Taylor
<P.Taylor at hellenic-institute.uk> napsal:
> RD Holkar wrote:
> This leads to the next question: where can I find a good resource to learn how to write latex packages? I have, I would say, slightly more than working knowledge of latex. However, when I looked at the packages, I could not figure out how to create them.
> Rohit, I don't use LaTeX, so have never created a LaTeX package, but this page seems to be useful and informative.  Someone more up-to-date with LaTeX internals than I will need to comment on whether or not the advice given is valid for the current release.
> Philip Taylor

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