[XeTeX] Translation commands for package dramatist to put in the marathi.ldf file

Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Hellenic-Institute.Uk
Mon Apr 13 12:17:15 CEST 2020

RD Holkar wrote:

> This leads to the next question: where can I find a good resource to learn how to write latex packages? I have, I would say, slightly more than working knowledge of latex. However, when I looked at the packages, I could not figure out how to create them.

Rohit, I don't use LaTeX, so have never created a LaTeX package, but this page <https://www.overleaf.com/learn/latex/Writing_your_own_package> seems to be useful and informative.  Someone more up-to-date with LaTeX internals than I will need to comment on whether or not the advice given is valid for the current release.

/Philip Taylor/
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