[XeTeX] popup windows in XeLaTeX?

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As far as I know, LuaLaTeX works with UTF-8 (as does XeLaTeX), so that they should give the same result

- if the input file is encoded in UTF-8- if the same font is used- if the documentclass is "LuaLaTeX-compatible"

Note that for LuaLaTeX you may need to change the documentclass, it is my experience that non-standard characters are not treated well if LuaLaTeX is used in combination with a "traditional" documentclass. At least for Japanese material the "standard" LuaLaTeX simply ignores the Japanese characters, but a "Japanese" documentclass allows to use Japanese characters.

    On Monday, February 26, 2018 1:02 AM, Janusz S. Bień <jsbien at mimuw.edu.pl> wrote:


I use regularly XeLaTeX, but for a specific text I switched to LuaLaTeX
because using the engine, together with ocgx, seemed the simples way to
get footnotes in the form of the popup windows:


Now I run into some problems with LuaTeX (wrong encoding of Polish
letters in the outline); it seems the solution exists but is not a
straightforward one.

Processing the text with XeLaTeX fails on \pdfstartlink, I am aware of a
thread concerning emulating it:


I would appreciate your advice what is the most easy and/or elegant way
to solve the problem.

Best regards


P.S. I'm sorry for sending it first by mistake to xetex-request.

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