[XeTeX] Mixed Roman and Indian alphabets for Sanskrit (was: what is \setmainfont used for?)

Dominik Wujastyk wujastyk at gmail.com
Sun Feb 12 05:22:26 CET 2017

Thank you, ShreeDevi.  I'll study what you've done with interest.

It looks, though, as if you're not taking advantage of the hyphenation
rules for Sanskrit in Latin script that are in hyph-sa.tex , but rather
hyphenating Sanskrit in Latin Script as if it were English. Is that right?

I think we need better, or more rigorous terminology for distinguishing
writing systems and languages, don't you?  In XML, I say "sa-Deva" and
"sa-Latn" to mean "Sanskrit in Devanagari" and "Sanskrit in Latin script"
respectively [ref
Maybe we could build on this terminology for what we're doing with Fontspec?

Best wishes,
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