[XeTeX] Media9 buttons in RTL text

Karljurgen Feuerherm kfeuerherm at wlu.ca
Sat Apr 25 00:35:32 CEST 2015

Dear Arthur,

Thanks for the note!

I do realize the usual MWE requirement, and I did not provide one at first
because really what I was trying to find out was not related to a specific
example, but more the matter of whether Luabidi was likely to be upgraded
so as to be as fully functional as XeTeX bidi, as Vafa had suggested last
fallŠ. And I was hard pressed to express it clearly, as it was so
confusing to me as it was!! The Œfake example¹ as you put it was more a
despair response since I didn¹t see what, in light of what I said above,
that was likely to produce. I was really trying to appeal to the people in
the know (I.e. whether you or Vafa or KhaledŠ). Incidentally, I had tried
by various means first to follow up on my discussion with Vafa but was
unable to resume contact. Hence the post.

RE: the misguided switching to Lua: I was not happy with that myself;
indeed I did so only because it was the only solution proposed to me last
October, and I was well aware that such a quirky solution was likely to
cause problems. Indeed it was only a few weeks that I was able to follow
this procedureŠ so my suspicion was vindicated.

Basically, today¹s post was really a return to the original problem as I
didn¹t see that pursuing a fix to the September solution was getting me

I have found, as you say, that an MWE is often very difficult to produce,
in that I tend to use many packages in fairly complicated ways, and
Œminimal¹ in such cases can well be rather largeŠ and then I don¹t expect
the people on the other end to have the means to work with it. Such is
life :(

But in case, thanks for your kind thought to offer this advice. I do
appreciate it.

Very best wishes,


On 2015-04-24, 17:09, "Arthur Reutenauer"
<arthur.reutenauer at normalesup.org> wrote:

>	Dear Karljürgen,
>  I am glad that you were able to find a solution to your problem with
>the help of David.  I did note your plea for help (already back in
>October), and of course your private email to me two days ago, but while
>I spent many hours trying to figure out what you were trying to do and
>how to achieve it, I had no idea how to move forward from the particular
>situation you were in 48 hours ago, especially considering your in my
>opinion arbitrary and misguided decision to switch to LuaTeX.
>  If you'll allow me a piece of advice, I would encourage you to in the
>future always start by producing a concrete document that exhibits the
>problem, explaining why you expect it to produce a different result (a
>so-called minimal working example).  As you've seen today, doing so has
>prompted someone to reply to you almost instantly with a working
>solution.  It is very hard for anyone to give actual help without it.  I
>know very well it can be hard for yourself to produce such a document,
>but by the same token you're the only one who can do it - the example
>you've sent to this list in reply to Ulrike a few days ago being typical
>of a fake minimal example, that does not address a real problem.  And in
>working on making an actual minimal example, you'll probably understand
>the underlying technical issues yourself a little better.
>  I want to improve how Hebrew, amongst other, is handled in
>Polyglossia.  I don't think I can include David's solution to your
>problem in any meaningful way, but I'll have a think about it (maybe
>mentioning it in the documentation would be possible).  I'll keep in
>touch with you about that.
>	Best,
>		Arthur
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