[XeTeX] Media9 buttons in RTL text

Arthur Reutenauer arthur.reutenauer at normalesup.org
Sat Apr 25 21:29:18 CEST 2015

> I do realize the usual MWE requirement, and I did not provide one at first
> because really what I was trying to find out was not related to a specific
> example, but more the matter of whether Luabidi was likely to be upgraded
> so as to be as fully functional as XeTeX bidi, as Vafa had suggested last
> fall.

  I don't know about that and leave it for Vafa to answer.

>       And I was hard pressed to express it clearly, as it was so
> confusing to me as it was!!

  That's understandable :-)

> RE: the misguided switching to Lua: I was not happy with that myself;
> indeed I did so only because it was the only solution proposed to me last
> October, and I was well aware that such a quirky solution was likely to
> cause problems. Indeed it was only a few weeks that I was able to follow
> this procedureŠ so my suspicion was vindicated.

  So I realised.  But just in case, I think I'll change Polyglossia to
use luabidi instead of bidi if it's loaded with LuaTeX.  I had started
doing that in May 2013 but found out the output was very poor with
right-to-left as well as Indic-script languages, so I rolled back and
inserted the warning you saw ("[Hebrew] is not supported with LuaTeX,
etc.").  I will leave that warning, but will now load luabidi.  With all
its shortcomings, that may still prove useful for some users and will
mean they'll have one less hoop to jump through if they really want to
use LuaTeX for, say, Hebrew or Hindi.

> I have found, as you say, that an MWE is often very difficult to produce,
> in that I tend to use many packages in fairly complicated ways, and
> "minimal" in such cases can well be rather large and then I don't expect
> the people on the other end to have the means to work with it. Such is
> life :(

  Fair enough, but my point was that you shouldn't try to make it
smaller than necessary.  I fully appreciate that the resulting example
may still be large, possibly too much so to let people navigate through
it easily, but if it stops exhibiting the concrete problem it's not
useful at all.



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