[XeTeX] Malayalam typesetting using XeLaTeX assigning a key to acharacter

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On 15/11/2013 18:33, Herbert Schulz wrote:
> If you want the key binding you choose to be system wide (well, for your login) it is possible to create a Keybindings file with your chosen key binding. Download Keybindings.zip from my download site, <https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/10932738/index.html>, for a sample file and other information. Don't know if VIM actually uses the OS X input framework though; TeXShop does.
Thank you Herb,

This point in question has only to do with the character   ഽ    (coding in
Rachana is  U+0D3D) It is a character only used in Malayalam

> PS: Are you sure that it's TeXShop (actually the OS) that added that invisible
character in that \textbf command? I've never heard of that before and OS X
likes Unicode.

Well, I was using TeXShop when I sent that example file. And I could not see
that strange character as it was invisible. I looked carefully after I got the
error message but could see that illegal character as it was, well, invisible.

But now those problems are thankfully solved. Once I have the above character
assigned to a latin character, I can continue my work without a hassle. Right
now, as I do not have the key binding for that character (ഽ ) I have  not so
elegant solution I added a macro to insert the integral symbol

The macro \newcommand{\akaram }{\textenglish{$\int$}}

For now it is OK, but for the final document I should, in fact use the real
symbol mentioned above.

Anyway, I shall try the same file (document) on my Ubuntu (precise pangolin) and
see what the result is. I need to wait until Sunday evening (German time) to try
it as I shall not be home.

Best regards
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