[XeTeX] Malayalam typesetting using XeLaTeX

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Thu Nov 14 14:20:22 CET 2013

Am 14.11.2013 um 12:55 schrieb Zdenek Wagner:

>> Without the a4paper option the document would be set for letter size paper. When you later use your package or geometry then you cannot guarantee that every package loaded (afterwards) gets informed that it is working on a differently sized sheet of paper.
> This is exactly what I dislike. It breaks the modular way of
> prograqmming. the layout package should deal with layout, other
> functional packages should be layout independent. If the layout
> options are needed for another package, zwpagelayout contains
> documented interface.

Your interpretation is wrong. The a4paper or whatever option just gives the dimensions of the sheet of paper the document will be printed or displayed on. It's the media size, a physical dimension. This has (almost) nothing to do with page layout. As an intelligent being you can overcome such physical restrictions. You can still layout a page for ISO A3 and try to print it on ISO A4… (there might still be a slight dependence on the cleverness of the printer used or the printer driver of your computer)

>> Using tlmgr to set a default paper size for your LaTeX documents frees you a lot.
> But if you ever have to share the source file with someone else, you
> never know what the default setting is on someone else's computer.

Right! Sometimes this behaviour can have "side effects".



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