[XeTeX] Ligatures

Jean-Claude Raoult JC.Raoult at free.fr
Sun Jun 2 15:42:33 CEST 2013

Le 02/06/2013 14:44, John Was a écrit :
> Hello
> I use plain XeTeX also, but not that font.  However, looking at the 
> Libertine website, I would suggest you add
> :+hlig
> to the font call (so e.g. "Linux Libertine O:+hlig:mapping=tex-text")
> If you right-click the font file itself and select 'Properties', you 
> should get a list of OpenType features available for that font (but 
> the developers' website gives this information anyway).  If you don't 
> have the enhanced Properties feature, that can I think be downloaded 
> for free from Microsoft.
> John

Thank you very much: your solution does work: the st and ct ligatures 
are found!
I shall do as you suggest and take a look at the Properties of this font.
Thank you again,

             Jean-Claude Raoult

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