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I use plain XeTeX also, but not that font.  However, looking at the 
Libertine website, I would suggest you add


to the font call (so e.g. "Linux Libertine O:+hlig:mapping=tex-text")

If you right-click the font file itself and select 'Properties', you should 
get a list of OpenType features available for that font (but the developers' 
website gives this information anyway).  If you don't have the enhanced 
Properties feature, that can I think be downloaded for free from Microsoft.


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I am fond of (french) typography. Therefore, I would like XeTeX to
automatically change not only fi, ff, fl and the like, but also st and
ct — when available.
The documentation is clear, for people using LaTeX or rather XeLaTeX.
Unfortunately, I do not practice the english proverb "why make things simple
when they can be made difficult"; therefore, I use plain XeTeX, and with
a better result.

I tried to adapt the doc, and write
\font\truc="Linux Libertine O:mapping=tex-text:Ligatures=RareLigatures"
or instead of RareLigatures: Rare Ligatures or Historical. Nothing worked.

Please, think of people using plain TeX. I am certainly not the only one.


Jean-Claude Raoult

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