[XeTeX] How to add ExtGState to xdvipdfmx?

Zdenek Wagner zdenek.wagner at gmail.com
Sun May 13 12:09:41 CEST 2012

2012/5/13 Paul Isambert <zappathustra at free.fr>:
> Zdenek Wagner <zdenek.wagner at gmail.com> a écrit:
>> Hello,
>> I have an ExtGState defined as:
>>   \special{pdf: object @opoff << /Type /ExtGState /op false /OP false /OPM 0 >>}
>>   \special{pdf: object @opon << /Type /ExtGState /op true /OP true /OPM 1 >>}
>>   \special{pdf: object @extgs << /GSko @opoff /GSop @opon >>}
>>   \special{pdf: object @ExtGS << /ExtGState @extgs >>}
>> These commands go to the PDF exactly as in a pdftex file which works.
>> Now I need to define @ExtGS in /Resources at each page where I use
>> /GSko or /GSop. I tried several ways but all seem to be wrong, it was
>> not written to the PDF file. Can someone write me how to do it?
> According to the doc you get with "texdoc dvipdfmx" (also available
> here: http://tug.org/TUGboat/tb30-1/tb94cho.pdf), the operation is:
Wow! This is what I needed, I looked in `texdoc dvipdfm` only. I used
the \special as you suggested without any success but after some
examinatin I discovered that the problem is elsewhere, pdf:content is
surrounded with q and Q. This document explains that I should use
pdf:code instead. My code does not work properly yet because the black
color gets automatically redefined as 0 g 0 G while I requested 0 0 0
1 k 0 0 0 1 K but now I am on the good way to find a solution. I
should have asked you a year ago... Thank you very much.

>  \special{pdf:put @resources << /ExtGState @extgstate >>}
> Best,
> Paul
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Zdeněk Wagner

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