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Following Unicode free fonts are available for Hindi/Devnagari :

Akshar Unicode - not beautiful
Chandas - Full font, not only devnagari but all characters needed for
typesetting vedas etc.
Uttara - Probably a variant of Chandas
Nakula and Sahedava - Twin fonts
FreeSans - it has Devnagari but not fully working for example फ्र etc. are
not coming properly
Osha -
Guruma -
Siddhanta - It has variants like Siddhanta 1, Siddhanta 2, Chakravat,
Chakravat 2
Calcutta , Calcutta1, Calcutta 2, Vyakaran and Nepali

In addition some fonts are available on the Govt. of India's Ministry of
Information Technology website (around 50 fonts (including Bold, Italic,
Bold Italic)) fromC-DAC etc. organizations. But these fonts also have some
problem Just like FreeSans.

The fonts mentioned above (for dictionary type work) are sufficient. C-DAC
fonts are mostly decorative fonts.

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