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Zdenek Wagner zdenek.wagner at gmail.com
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2012/1/4 bhutex <bhutex at gmail.com>:
> Following Unicode free fonts are available for Hindi/Devnagari :
> Akshar Unicode - not beautiful
> Chandas - Full font, not only devnagari but all characters needed for
> typesetting vedas etc.
> Uttara - Probably a variant of Chandas
> Nakula and Sahedava - Twin fonts
> FreeSans - it has Devnagari but not fully working for example फ्र etc. are
> not coming properly
> Osha -
> Guruma -
> Siddhanta - It has variants like Siddhanta 1, Siddhanta 2, Chakravat,
> Chakravat 2
> Calcutta , Calcutta1, Calcutta 2, Vyakaran and Nepali
> Sanskrit2003
> AA-NagariShri
> In addition some fonts are available on the Govt. of India's Ministry of
> Information Technology website (around 50 fonts (including Bold, Italic,
> Bold Italic)) fromC-DAC etc. organizations. But these fonts also have some
> problem Just like FreeSans.
> The fonts mentioned above (for dictionary type work) are sufficient. C-DAC
> fonts are mostly decorative fonts.
Thanks to all for suggestions. The decorative fonts will also be
useful, maybe for the book title, maybe for titles of poems. If you
are interested, the poems that might or might not be included in the
book (selection has not yet be done) can be found here:


I have to find time to write a bug report to Nakula and Sahadeva
fonts, it's probably a GPOS problems because anusvaras are sometimes
dislpayed in a wrong position and it even depends on font size. For
instance, word किताबें will not be rendered properly which is a big
problem for Hindi.

The problem with web pages offering Devanagari fonts is that usually
half of the links lead to nonexistent pages.
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