[XeTeX] Hyphenation in Transliterated Sanskrit

Yves Codet yves.codet at sfr.fr
Sun Sep 11 22:49:24 CEST 2011

Hello, Neal.

I still don't receive your messages :(

Le 11 sept. 2011 à 22:21, Zdenek Wagner a écrit :

>> Also Zdenek raises an interesting possibility.  If I were to want to typeset
>> Sanskrit, say this very Sanskrit, in Bengali or Telugu script.  How would I
>> go about that?
> Probably you can mechanically rewrite RomDev.map to convert the
> transliteration to another script and compile it with teckit_compile.
> I do not know Sanskrit and do not know other scripts, my knowledge in
> this area is almost zero, so I am not sure whether such mechanical
> approach would work.

I presume you can do like Zdeněk says (I don't much about Teckit). Otherwise you can write Sanskrit directly in Bengali or Telugu script. If you tell Polyglossia what is in Sanskrit it should be hyphenated correctly in those scripts as well.

Best wishes,


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