[XeTeX] Isomath, Mathspec and Siunitx

le.farfadet.spatial at free.fr le.farfadet.spatial at free.fr
Tue Jul 5 15:04:15 CEST 2011


Ulrike Fischer <news3 at nililand.de> wrote:

> The main problem is that (at least my version of) the libertine
> fonts don't have a bold italic greek symbols.

Just for the Greek symbols, I can use LModern until Libertine get the whole set
of Greek symbols.

> The second problem is that as soon as you use
> \usepackage[math]{mathspec} together with \setmathfont you get a lot
> of errors like
> ! LaTeX Error: Command `\Gamma' already defined.
> At my opinion mathspec should sort this out.

If I understand well, there is no complete solution to my problem, yet. I should
wait until this will be fixed into Mathspec, shouldn't I?



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