[XeTeX] Isomath, Mathspec and Siunitx

Tobias Schoel liesdiedatei at googlemail.com
Tue Jul 5 18:22:43 CEST 2011

> If I understand well, there is no complete solution to my problem, yet. I should
> wait until this will be fixed into Mathspec, shouldn't I?

Maybe, there is a complete solutin (at least as complete als Linux 
Libertine lets it be). In order to determine that, you should give a 
detailed specification of what you _want_. Until now, you mostly said, 
what you _did_ and what problems occured that way.

If all you want is the support of unicode math alphabets including bold 
greek letters (u1d6a8 to u1d6e1), then the unicode-math package with a 
math font supporting these glyphs (like Asana Math) seems to be a near 
complete solution.

If you want additional siunitx support (for bold greek?) within xelatex, 
it get's a little bit complicated, as siunitx's detection algorithm seem 
to not really work together with unicode-math. Using the keys mode and 
math-rm / text-rm (and associeates) together with the \fontspec or 
\mathbf etc. can most probably get you, what you want, albeit being ugly 

When the exact problems are cleared, one might file a bug report / 
feature request to the siunitx maintainer Joseph Wright. (Maybe he is 
even reading this list.)

Math alphabets in Linux Libertine O might come with Open Math support 
for Linux Libertine O.

Attached you find a small analysis of trying to get bold numbers in 
Linux Libertine by siunitx.


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