[XeTeX] Decorative border around page

Fr. Michael Gilmary FrMichaelGilmary at MaroniteMonks.org
Wed Feb 3 15:24:42 CET 2010

Kamal Abdali wrote:

> Fr. Michael,
> 1. The example in the body of your message works, except that the webomints
> fonts get substituted by cmr fonts and thus the output looks different from
> intended. I got umrand easily, but I'm still struggling with the
> installation of webomints fonts.

Did you download the file for TT WebOMints GD --- that's the ttf that 
you can install on your system like any other. Then load with what's in 
the vine.tex file:

\newfontfamily\webomints{WebOMints GD}

I think it should work then.

> 2. With vine.tex example, xelatex generates the error
> (/usr/local/texlive/2009/texmf-dist/tex/latex/fancyhdr/fancyhdr.sty
> ! LaTeX Error: Command \footruleskip already defined.
>                Or name \end... illegal, see p.192 of the manual.
> Perhaps this has to do with the duplicate definitions in memoir and fancyhdr
> class. I wonder how you got to make the card!

Sorry about that! I ignored those warnings by just pressing <enter> and 
letting the processor continue. It completes the task and sets the card 
just fine. But, just to be sure, I've corrected the input to avoid the 
warnings (by not using fancyhdr, as suggested, among other things). 
There's some warning from varwidth now that I can't figure otu Try this:

%!TEX encoding =  UTF-8 Unicode
%!TEX TS-program =  xelatex
\setmainfont[Mapping=tex-text, Numbers={Proportional,OldStyle}]{Minion Pro}

\newfontfamily\webomints{WebOMints GD}

\newcommand{\wb}[1]{\webomints\fontsize{12bp}{12bp}\selectfont #1}




{\textsc{\Large Ellen M. Gill}}\par\bigskip
Profession into the \\
Secular Franciscan Order\\
{\small 23 June 2009\par}


\textsc{Most High} and 
glorious God,\\
bring light to the \\
darkness of my heart.\\
Give me right faith, certain hope\\
and perfect charity.\\
Lord, give me insight and wisdom\\
so I might  discern\\
Your holy and true will!




\RandBox{\usebox{\ornamentBox}} font {\webomints} [0.0em]
        (a) ([f\\g]f) (b)  
        (a) ([f\\g]f) (b)



United in adoration of Jesus, 

fr. michael gilmary, mma

Most Holy Trinity Monastery
67 Dugway Road
Petersham, MA 01366-9725

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