[XeTeX] /Rotate 90 ignored in included pdfs

David Cottenden d.cottenden at ucl.ac.uk
Sat Aug 14 11:31:37 CEST 2010

Peter Dyballa wrote:

>> - When a "bad" pdf this is echoed to the terminal:
>> ** WARNING ** << /Rotate 90 >> found. (Not supported yet)
> I had a few PDFs (for example reference cards) which were rotated from 
> portrait to landscape mode. This "internal" rotation is inhibited so 
> that the pages were in displayed in portrait format. There is a simple 
> means to correct this behaviour:
>     \rotatebox{-90}{\includegraphics...}
> \rotatebox is in graphics/graphicx as is \includegraphics.

Ah - so this is considered to be a feature rather than a bug? So the "not supported yet" part of the 
warning is misleading? I took it that it related to an as-yet unimplemented part of the driver that 
graphicx invoked for xelatex...


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