[XeTeX] Some Opens with Sanskrit with XeLatex (Captions, Numbering, Hyperref etc)

Sreenivasa Guttal sreenivasa.guttal at gmail.com
Tue Mar 24 15:39:45 CET 2009


Thanks for all the support in resolving couple of issues. I still have
couple of opens to have a printable critical text ready.

Appreciate your continued support.

Here are a couple...

1. Captions(chapter name etc), Numbering (For all types like page, footnote
etc) in Sanskrit - How do I enable this? (It works for me in devnag and I
guess bable had this support. I am now using polygloassia).

2. Hyperref - I enabled it, but it partially works, but some issues remain.
       - Table of contents hyperref boxes overlap
       - Footnote hyperref does not work

Some pending things which I could not resolve in other mail-chains.

1. Hyphenation when a \footnote is preceding a word. JK suggested to use
\allowhyphens...Being a new to tex, I still dont know how to use it.
2. Per page footnotes. It does work, but sometimes the number gets reset in
the samge page towards the end...

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