[XeTeX] Some Opens with Sanskrit with XeLatex (Captions, Numbering, Hyperref etc)

Yves Codet ycodet at club-internet.fr
Wed Mar 25 08:31:02 CET 2009

Hello Sreenivasa.

Le 24 mars 09 à 15:39, Sreenivasa Guttal a écrit :

> 1. Captions(chapter name etc), Numbering (For all types like page,  
> footnote etc) in Sanskrit - How do I enable this? (It works for me  
> in devnag and I guess bable had this support. I am now using  
> polygloassia).

I don't think Babel supports captions in Sanskrit (as far as I know  
it doesn't support Sanskrit at all). Polyglossia doesn't support them  
either (yet). But here is the relevant part of of gloss-sansrit.ldf:

%   \def\refname{\textsanskrit{<++>}}%
%   \def\abstractname{\textsanskrit{<++>}}%
%   \def\bibname{\textsanskrit{<++>}}%
%   \def\prefacename{\textsanskrit{<++>}}%
%   \def\chaptername{\textsanskrit{<++>}}%
%   \def\appendixname{\textsanskrit{<++>}}%
%   \def\contentsname{\textsanskrit{<++>}}%
%   \def\listfigurename{\textsanskrit{<++>}}%
%   \def\listtablename{\textsanskrit{<++>}}%
%   \def\indexname{\textsanskrit{<++>}}%
%   \def\figurename{\textsanskrit{<++>}}%
%   \def\tablename{\textsanskrit{<++>}}%
%   \def\thepart{\textsanskrit{}}%
%   \def\partname{\textsanskrit{<++>}}%
%   \def\pagename{\textsanskrit{<++>}}%
%   \def\seename{\textsanskrit{<++>}}%
%   \def\alsoname{\textsanskrit{<++>}}%
%   \def\enclname{\textsanskrit{<++>}}%
%   \def\ccname{\textsanskrit{<++>}}%
%   \def\headtoname{\textsanskrit{<++>}}%
%   \def\proofname{\textsanskrit{<++>}}%
%   \def\glossaryname{\textsanskrit{<++>}}%
%   \def\today{\textsanskrit{<++>}}}

If somebody is willing to fill in the blanks, François will certainly  
accept to add such a support.

I'm afraid I can't help you with your other questions.

Best wishes,


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