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There is no special .dn format. What you do you prepare your sanskrit document with the usual tex commands i.e., \dn{sAnskrit} etc. Now you save it as test.dn instead of test.tex.

Now run the preprocessor  - i.e., at command prompt type "devnag test.dn". The preprocessor will read your test.dn file and replaces it with appropriate code for TeX and gives out a file test.tex. Now run LaTeX  with the command latex test.tex. Then you will get the DVI file or you can type pdflatex test.tex. Then you will get test.pdf file.

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On Mon, 23 Mar 2009 chandrasekhar s wrote :
>I suggest you to take any arbitrary input file and then send it to me
>so that i can view it fully.. i really dont know how to make the input
>file in the .dn format
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