[XeTeX] ArabXeTeX: Alif Maqsura

Tilman Hannemann tilmanh at uni-bremen.de
Mon Mar 16 11:46:36 CET 2009

Hello Ulrike,

Am 16.03.2009 um 10:50 schrieb Ulrike Fischer:

> And more important I think my bidi.sty is different:
> I have:
> Package: bidi 2008/07/01 v0.4 Bidirectional typesetting in XeLaTeX
> While you have
> bidi 2008/07/07 v0.3
> It's a bit difficult to say, which one in newer ;-)

Well, I looked on CTAN and they have 2008/07/07 v0.3 -- your version  
may have been a bit ahead of time, for one week.

> If it doesn't help, get more informations on the font by running the
> example on the command line with
> xelatex --output-driver="xdvipdfmx -vv" file
> This will show you which font is used and you can look if there are
> some unusual messages.

There is a warning at the end of the output, however, I don't know if  
it is "unusual" or not:


x.map>No dvi filename specified, reading standard input.
DVI Comment:  XeTeX output 2009.03.16:1131
stdin -> test.pdf
fontmap: Scheherazade/H/65536/0/0 -> Scheherazade/H/65536/0/0 

pdf_font>> Input encoding "Identity-H" requires at least 2 bytes.
pdf_font>> The -m <00> option will be assumed for "Scheherazade/H/ 
pdf_font>> Type0 font "Scheherazade/H/65536/0/0" cmap_id=<Identity-H, 
0> opened at font_id=<Scheherazade/H/65536/0/0,0>.
otf_cmap>> Creating ToUnicode CMap for "Scheherazade/H/65536/0/0"...
glyphs (Max CID: 911)][24334 bytes])
Compression saved 17284 bytes. Try "-V 5" for better compression
9475 bytes written

** WARNING ** 2 memory objects still allocated

Output written on test.pdf (1 page).



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