[XeTeX] Full page picture issue

Alain Delmotte esperanto at swing.be
Fri Jun 5 09:28:20 CEST 2009


Fr. Michael Gilmary a écrit :
> James Keirstead wrote:
>> Hi
> Hi James!
>> I'm trying to insert a full page picture in a XeTeX document.  I've
>> found half a dozen threads on the list giving the basic solution but I
>> still have a niggling problem.
> I tried your example with an image file here and got the same results 
> you did ... the undesired whitespace *only* with XeLaTeX's processing.
>> Does any one know what's causing this and I can get rid of it?  
> I haven't seen any answers posted to your question (I might have 
> missed them, though). Unfortunately, I have no answer for you. I did 
> try the xdv2pdf output driver with no difference.
> Your "solution" didn't work for me ... can't figure it out!
> Those initiated into the deep things of xetex and its drivers will 
> have to help.
I did try your example, compiling with TeXworks (under Windows XP SP3).
I did use a picture to which I added triple black lines in the corners 
to see if everything was on.
The problem is coming from the viewer:
1) with the TeXworks viewer, ok with xelatex and one missing pixel on 
the right side with pdflatex;
2) with PDF-X-Change, there is a one pixel(?) white space on the "right" 
side for xelatex, ok for pdflatex;
3) with Adobe Reader 9, ok for both.

So I would say that xelatex and pdflatex produce the same pdf, except 
for  perhaps a detail in the size of the page.



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