[XeTeX] Full page picture issue

Fr. Michael Gilmary FrMichaelGilmary at MaroniteMonks.org
Thu Jun 4 23:40:53 CEST 2009

James Keirstead wrote:

> Hi

Hi James!

> I'm trying to insert a full page picture in a XeTeX document.  I've
> found half a dozen threads on the list giving the basic solution but I
> still have a niggling problem.

I tried your example with an image file here and got the same results 
you did ... the undesired whitespace *only* with XeLaTeX's processing.

> Does any one know what's causing this and I can get rid of it?  

I haven't seen any answers posted to your question (I might have missed 
them, though). Unfortunately, I have no answer for you. I did try the 
xdv2pdf output driver with no difference.

Your "solution" didn't work for me ... can't figure it out!

Those initiated into the deep things of xetex and its drivers will have 
to help.

United in adoration of Jesus, 

fr. michael gilmary, mma

Most Holy Trinity Monastery
67 Dugway Road
Petersham, MA 01366-9725

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