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John Was john.was at ntlworld.com
Sun Nov 9 18:38:57 CET 2008

I received the TeX Collection DVD recently and hope to install an updated version of XeTeX (Windows XP platform) when I've finished a current job.  But I think that the recent discussion on the list about bugs with PSTricks must have coincided with the time when the DVD was being produced:  presumably, in that case, better to go the CTAN site and install from there?  I do use PSTricks quite regularly, and have had trouble with some of its commands in the 2007 distribution.

If that is the case, are there any tips, and especially advice on how to update regularly on to a Windows platform?  I've only installed XeTeX once (the 2007 version, using the DVD), and I recall from earlier discussions that updating on the Mac is a relatively trivial operation, whereas there seem to be no ready-made tools for doing this painlessly in Windows.

Any advice appreciated.  I could cheat by installing experimentally on a spare PC, but it would be nice to get things working on my  main machine first time round.

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