[XeTeX] Latex to Word

Malcolm Ross malcolm.ross at anu.edu.au
Sun Jul 6 14:49:34 CEST 2008

I agree that PDF-to-LaTeX conversion is more likely to be successful  
than *TeX-to-Word.

If you are looking for a PDF-to-LaTeX conversion tool, of those I have  
tried, Acrobat has proven the most effective for me, but it is a year  
or two since I tried any others. But my documents contain somewhat  
complicated linguistic formatting, not math, so my experience may not  
be particularly relevant. In any case, I have always had to do some  
final formatting by hand.

- Malcolm

On 06/07/2008, at 6:12 PM, Sven Siegmund wrote:

>> I need to know if any of you knows of an application that can  
>> convert Latex
>> documents into word (conversion of text, equations, figures,...
> I wouldn't google for *TeX-to-Word converstion tool but rather for a
> PDF-to-Word conversion tool. I think I saw one of these years before
> although I presuppose that these tools are very primitive and wouldn't
> handle images, equations, indexes, tables, cross-references. I think
> what they do is only rewrite the thext of a PDF to word and do some
> basic formatting. All dynamic content would get static, advanced
> formatting lost.
> S.
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