[XeTeX] fixltx2e warning

Hendrik Maryns qwizv9b02 at sneakemail.com
Wed Apr 2 13:07:28 CEST 2008

rosslaird schreef:
> Thanks for the feedback.
>> You must be loading the xltxtra package.
>> It uses \textsubscript from fixltx2e...so if you don't use subscripts  
>> in text mode, you're probably okay :)
>> The reason that I don't just make my own definition is to subtlety  
>> recommend people to upgrade their TeX distributions once in a while...
> I'm using Ubuntu Gutsy, and the packages I have are the most up-to-date for
> the system I have.
> Since I don't know Tex etc. very well, and there are so many different
> aspects of the Tex system, I've been loathe to upgrade from outside the
> standard software repo's.
> But perhaps upgrading is safer than I think. I'll look into it.

Have a look at the MikTeX package manager for Linux.  It does a great 
job in upgrading packages (though unfortunately only those installed by it).

Hendrik Maryns
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