[XeTeX] fixltx2e warning

rosslaird ross at rosslaird.info
Wed Apr 2 00:46:18 CEST 2008

Thanks for the feedback.

>You must be loading the xltxtra package.
>It uses \textsubscript from fixltx2e...so if you don't use subscripts  
>in text mode, you're probably okay :)

>The reason that I don't just make my own definition is to subtlety  
>recommend people to upgrade their TeX distributions once in a while...

I'm using Ubuntu Gutsy, and the packages I have are the most up-to-date for
the system I have.
Since I don't know Tex etc. very well, and there are so many different
aspects of the Tex system, I've been loathe to upgrade from outside the
standard software repo's.
But perhaps upgrading is safer than I think. I'll look into it.


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