[XeTeX] [CTAN] Update: pdfpages v0.4c

Martin Schröder martin at oneiros.de
Wed Apr 2 09:29:58 CEST 2008

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From: CTAN Announcements <ctan-ann at dante.de>
Date: 01.04.2008 23:37
Subject: CTAN Update: pdfpages v0.4c
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On Tue, 1 Apr 2008 at 17:45 +0200, Andreas Matthias submitted an update to



 The pdfpages package simplifies the insertion of external multi-page PDF
 documents into your LaTeX documents. It is ditributed under the LPPL.


  * XeTeX-driver: Support of XeTeX was introduced in beta versions
   of pdfpages some time ago. Now it's about time to put an official
   non-beta version on CTAN.

 Location on CTAN: /macros/latex/contrib/pdfpages
 License: lppl

 Thanks for the upload.

 For the CTAN Team
  Rainer Schöpf

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