[XeTeX] Small Caps Font Woes

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Tue Oct 31 01:53:33 CET 2006

Am 30.10.2006 um 23:54 schrieb Robert MacGregor:

> (I have the LWFN files for Bembo).  So once I realized this would  
> be hell with LaTeX, I found XeTeX and I got Bembo sort of working  
> using fontspec.

Are you sure that your Bembo fonts contain SmallCaps?

The most important factor is that it's a feature of advanced fonts to  
allow selection of such font features as SmallCaps (while you're  
typing "normal" characters) – in case they provide them! You can't do  
that with simple PostScript or TrueType fonts. If such a font by  
chance contains these glyphs you'd have to type the Unicode positions  
of these characters, just as the Unicode value (in hex) 20AC (8364 in  
decimal) selects the € glyph from the font – if it's there. Try this  
with Bembo!

XeTeX does not create faked SmallCaps as some ("normal") TeX packages  



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