[XeTeX] Small Caps Font Woes

Robert MacGregor macgregor at gmail.com
Mon Oct 30 23:54:41 CET 2006

Hey All,

First off, I've been using LaTeX for quite some time, but I've always just
used the default layouts and Computer Modern.  This past weekend I decided
to delve into fonts, specifically because I want to use Bembo font in a
document (I have the LWFN files for Bembo).  So once I realized this would
be hell with LaTeX, I found XeTeX and I got Bembo sort of working using
fontspec.  What I haven't got working is small caps, and this is quite
critical for me.

The command:


results in Bembo as the default font, but without Bold/Italic/SmallCaps, so
I changed that to:

\setromanfont[BoldFont=Bembo Bold, ItalicFont=Bembo Italic]{Bembo}

which works for Bold and Italic, but I don't know how to get Small Caps
working.  I tried using "SmallCapsFont=Bembo" but that just renders
smallcaps as plain Bembo.  I don't know how to set this, as I don't have a
separate LWFN font file for Bembo Small Caps.  Is this a problem with my
font files, or is there a way around this?

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,
Bob MacGregor
Princeton University
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