[XeTeX] Correct LaTeX-logo – how?

Arthur Reutenauer Arthur.Reutenauer at ens.fr
Mon May 8 23:41:14 CEST 2006

> chmod +x build-xetex
> ./build-xetex
> chmod +x install-xetex
> sudo ./install-xetex
> [snip]
> sh build-xetex
> sudo sh install-xetex

  These two set of instructions indeed are equivalent: running “sh
build-xetex” is exactly the same as making build-xetex executable, and
then executing it, since it is a shell script (well, actually, it calls
for /bin/sh and you could have another slightly different sh before it in
your path, but that souldn't make any difference because Jonathan's
script really only uses the most basic functionality of the shells).

  These two scripts, build-xetex and install-xetex, should actually be
executable, but they are put in the tarball with a wrong mode because of
some oddity of the service giving HTTP access to the Subversion tree,
Jonathan told me.


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