[XeTeX] grchyph/sanhyph and TeX Live

Adam Twardoch list.adam at twardoch.com
Thu Jun 22 21:39:37 CEST 2006

Jonathan Kew wrote:
>> will give you lang-fr.pat/hyp files in unicode
>> you can rename them and move them to a spot where xetex can find them
> That's fine as a one-off approach for a knowledgeable user. But we  
> need agreement among packagers/distributors as to how this should be  
> managed in general, so that users don't need to know about it.

I believe the most sensible solution would be to join forces with 
OpenOffice.org. They have a well-maintained database of spelling and 
hyphenation dictionaries as well as tools and documentation for creating 
them (http://lingucomponent.openoffice.org/ ). The OpenOffice 
hyphenation is based on TeX hyphenation.



Adam Twardoch

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