[XeTeX] grchyph/sanhyph and TeX Live

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Thu Jun 22 23:14:27 CEST 2006

Adam Twardoch wrote:
> Jonathan Kew wrote:
>>> will give you lang-fr.pat/hyp files in unicode
>>> you can rename them and move them to a spot where xetex can find them
>> That's fine as a one-off approach for a knowledgeable user. But we  
>> need agreement among packagers/distributors as to how this should be  
>> managed in general, so that users don't need to know about it.
well, users never had to deal with patterns, and the main reason why i 
cooked up this stuff is that i wanted to get rid of inconsistancy, lack 
of system in names, etc

also, since i've been bitten too often by uncommunicated changes in 
names and content; the worst cases were renamed and therefore 
disappearing english patterns an pattern files that simply quit when no 
latex was detected; therefore i ship (and have decided to ship) a 
consistent set of patterns [in utf form] with context; currently they 
are generated from the existing ones but i can imagine context users to 
come up with variants (esp when we get more advanced hyphenation 
methods); so, if latex users want to share them, fine, it's just a 
matter of mapping names in some dat file; if not, fine too, since i'll 
still ship 'm -)
> I believe the most sensible solution would be to join forces with 
> OpenOffice.org. They have a well-maintained database of spelling and 
> hyphenation dictionaries as well as tools and documentation for creating 
> them (http://lingucomponent.openoffice.org/ ). The OpenOffice 
> hyphenation is based on TeX hyphenation.
hyphenation patterns have always been a tex speciality and we may expect  more advanced mechanism soon; it's one of those areas where (imo) the tex community should keep things in its own hands, esp since it has its own update cycles, exceptions, stability rules, traditions, etc. ; sharing word lists is another topic 

normally users don't deal with these things directly; once patterns work ok, things go unnoticed 


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