[XeTeX] missing italics

Yves Codet ycodet at club-internet.fr
Mon Jan 16 18:01:04 CET 2006

Le 16 janv. 06, à 14:12, Jonathan Kew a écrit :

> I've fixed one issue in the code for 0.991, at least; I'm not 
> completely sure if this is the only problem, but it seems to be 
> working for me. I hope to find time to finish and release 0.991 fairly 
> soon, but email me if you'd like to hand-install and try an interim 
> version to see if it solves the Greek issue for you.

I've just installed 0.991. I guess my gwTeX has to be updated since 
neither the system nor kpsewhich found fmtutil-sys, so I used 
iInstaller to configure.

In the decomposed version of "Daphnis", most of the time there is no 
hyphenation after a diacritic, even if it is two or three syllables 
before the hyphenation point, for instance in a word which should have 
been hyphenated like this: ἁπαλώτε-ρα. But there were a few cases of 
hyphenations after diacritics: γενέ-σει, πλού-σιος. As far as I could 
see, when there is no diacritic before the hyphenation point, 
hyphenation always occurs.

In the precomposed version all hyphenations occur, except in one case: 
ἐθραύοντο· (with the punctuation), though there are rules "1τ" and 
"2ντ" in hyphenation patterns, supposed to allow hyphenation between 
the consonants but not before the first one, which works in other 

Incidentally, in the precomposed (original) text the dot above the line 
(equivalent of ";") looks fine, but in the decomposed text it looks 
like a small black disk in the PDF output. Maybe an error in TECkit?

Well, all this is very positive. Thanks a lot for your work, Jonathan. 
I hope you'll soon eradicate the last issues.

Best wishes,


P.S. This mail should be redirected to another thread, but I don't know 
how to do that :(

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