[XeTeX] missing italics

Yves Codet ycodet at club-internet.fr
Mon Jan 16 14:44:00 CET 2006

Le 16 janv. 06, à 14:12, Jonathan Kew a écrit :

> Ironically, it probably used to work OK because XeTeX was sloppier 
> about finding styled fonts -- now that it is more careful, the bug in 
> Charis is causing it to fail!
> This should be fixed in the next Charis release, coming soon....
> (Meanwhile, if you try \setromanfont{Gentium} instead, you should see 
> italics where you expect them.)

Many thanks. I hadn't thought it could come from the font since 
everything was alright before I upgraded. I'll rather do without 
italics until the next release of Charis: it's the only font I know of 
which places all the diacritics I use very nicely, for instance a 
macron over an "l" (a rare combination and often neglected by font 
designers, it seems).

> I've fixed one issue in the code for 0.991, at least; I'm not 
> completely sure if this is the only problem, but it seems to be 
> working for me. I hope to find time to finish and release 0.991 fairly 
> soon, but email me if you'd like to hand-install and try an interim 
> version to see if it solves the Greek issue for you.

I'll try with pleasure. Is there a simple way to backup my present 
installation of XeTeX (just in case :)?

Best wishes,


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