[XeTeX] Re: ABD: EveryShipout initializing macros

Scott Murman smurman at segosha.net
Sat Jan 14 22:49:19 CET 2006

>  I didn't see the original message, nor does it seem to be in the  
> list archive. Wonder where it went?

weird.  i saw it appear in my inbox from my bcc: copy, but never to  
the list.  it will probably show up in a month.

> I tried this in a 7-page paper I'm currently writing, and the image  
> appeared on every page, as expected. So I don't know what's  
> happening in your case. (And it didn't seem to run significantly  
> slower, either.)

thanks, this helps.  at least i know i can eventually get it to  
work.  AFAIK, there is only one version of eso-pic, so i can't see  
that being the problem.  perhaps an interaction in the preamble?  are  
you listing eso-pic at the end?, beginning?, in some order relative  
to graphicx?


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