[XeTeX] Re: ABD: EveryShipout initializing macros

Jonathan Kew jonathan_kew at sil.org
Sat Jan 14 23:16:27 CET 2006

On 14 Jan 2006, at 9:49 pm, Scott Murman wrote:

>> I tried this in a 7-page paper I'm currently writing, and the  
>> image appeared on every page, as expected. So I don't know what's  
>> happening in your case. (And it didn't seem to run significantly  
>> slower, either.)
> thanks, this helps.  at least i know i can eventually get it to  
> work.  AFAIK, there is only one version of eso-pic, so i can't see  
> that being the problem.

My setup is a standard gwTeX (recent), plus XeTeX of course.

>   perhaps an interaction in the preamble?  are you listing eso-pic  
> at the end?, beginning?, in some order relative to graphicx?

Well, I'm not normally using it at all (never heard of it before!), I  
just put it in as a test when I read your message. I put it at the  
end of the preamble, after graphicx, but just now tried again with it  
at the beginning .... didn't seem to make any difference, still runs  
fine for me.

Is the graphic that you're using something particularly big/complex?  
The example you gave will re-load the graphic each time, which will  
obviously have some performance impact, though in my test with a 200K  
JPEG, it's pretty insignificant. But in principle, it would be more  
efficient to load the graphic into a box and then use a copy of that  
box as the background on each page.

I don't think that's the main issue here, though; sounds like it's  
running poorly for you in some other way.


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