[XeTeX] Fonts for (Xe)TeX use

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Tue Aug 29 18:23:51 CEST 2006


Warning: this is more-or-less off-topic. I'm at the end of an Archive  
& Install of OS X. This time I've been willing to do things properly,  
and in particular to carefully select the fonts installed manually on  
top of those coming with the system and with the various applications  
installed on it.

It turned out there were a number of fonts I had installed gradually  
over a year and a half, most of which as the result of their mention  
here or on the OS X TeX list. I'm not quite sure now why they were  
there, what their merits were; I had forgotten about most of them.

Hence I'm posting a list of these fonts, accompanied by a tentative  
characterization of each of them, in the hope that (1) errors or  
omissions will be corrected and (2) the list and its corrections  
might be useful to others. Please correct me if the characterizations  
are wrong or incomplete (which is certainly the case given I'm not a  
font specialist), if the download links are wrong, etc. Except  
otherwise stated, the fonts are free.

Bruno Voisin

SIL fonts

Doulos SIL: a Unicode complement to Times
Available in TTF format at <http://scripts.sil.org/DoulosSILfont>

Charis SIL: a Unicode complement to Bitstream Charter
Available in TTF format at <http://scripts.sil.org/CharisSILfont>

Gentium: a "casual" (à la Lucida Casual) Unicode font
Available in TTF format at <http://scripts.sil.org/Gentium>

Code 200x

Code2000, Code2001, Code2002: Serif fonts covering the Basic Plane,  
Plane 1 and Plane 2, respectively, of the Unicode space
Available in TTF format at <http://home.att.net/~jameskass/>
Code 2000 is shareware

Bitstream fonts

Bitstream Charter: Serif font, donated to X11
Available in PFB format at <ftp://tug.ctan.org/pub/tex-archive/fonts/ 
charter/>, and included in teTeX
Available in Mac-style PostScript (FFIL/LWFN) format at <ftp:// 
Available in TTF and Mac-style PostScript (FFIL/LWFN) format at  

Bitstream Vera: Serif, sans-serif and monospaced fonts, donated to Gnome
Available in TTF format at <http://www.gnome.org/fonts/>

Utopia and Fourier

Adobe Utopia: Serif font, akin to Lucida Bright
Available in PFB format at <ftp://tug.ctan.org/pub/tex-archive/fonts/ 
utopia/>, and included in gwTeX
Available in Mac-style PostScript (FFIL/LWFN) format at <ftp:// 

Fourier-GUT: Math complement to Utopia, akin to Lucida NewMath
Available in PFB format at <ftp://tug.ctan.org/pub/tex-archive/fonts/ 
fourier-GUT/>, and included in gwTeX
Available in Mac-style PostScript (FFIL/LWFN) format at <ftp:// 

Adobe Reader fonts

MinionPro, MyriadPro, CourierStd, AdobePiStd: Adobe Reader serif,  
sans serif, monospaced and dingbat fonts
Available in OTF format inside the application bundle on OS X
I'm unsure whether the AR license allows them to be copied from the  
application bundle to the general OS font directory (/Library/Fonts/  
on OS X), in order for them to become available to all other  
applications; it suspect if it didn't, then that wouldn't have been  
suggested here

Mathematica fonts

Mathematica Fonts: the math fonts created for and used by Mathematica
Available inside the application bundle
Available in Mac-style Truetype (DFONT) and PFA format at <http:// 
Available in Windows-style TrueType (TTF) and PFA format at <http:// 
Available in Unix-style bitmap (BDF) and PFA format at <http:// 
LaTeX support available inside the application bundle and from  


FPL Neu: a Palatino clone, by Ralf Stubner
Available in OTF format at <http://www.tfkp.physik.uni-erlangen.de/ 

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