[XeTeX] XeTeX: ready for full-time math?

Jonathan Kew jonathan_kew at sil.org
Tue Aug 22 13:18:12 CEST 2006

On 22 Aug 2006, at 11:42 am, Robert Spence wrote:

> Hi Jonathan, hi Ross,
> On 22 Aug 2006, at 11:43 , Jonathan Kew wrote:
>> as typing �� directly in the source text is not usually very
>> convenient.
>> (I wonder how many people's email clients will show that properly!)
> I saw a kind of capital A, with the downstroke on the left doubled,
> the kind of ornamental capital letter you might use in mathematics
> for representing sets such as the set of all real numbers R; and the
> whole thing had a rectangle drawn around it.  It copied with Apple-C,
> but wouldn't paste properly.
> Using Mail Version 2.1 (752/752.2) under Mac OS X 10.4.7 with a 1.5
> GHz PowerPC G4 processor.

The glyph you saw is from the "Last Resort" font, and is a generic  
glyph representing the supplementary math alphabets. Apple Mail  
understood the character (as I'd expect), but you didn't have a font  
that could display it; so the system used this as a fallback. If you  
were to install a font that actually supports that character, you'd  
see the Fraktur W as I entered it. (There aren't many such fonts  
around, though! James Kass's "Code2001" is one that's available, if  


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