[XeTeX] Mac OS X Savoye

Jonathan Kew jonathan_kew at sil.org
Mon Nov 28 10:27:22 CET 2005

On 28 Nov 2005, at 2:17 am, Will Robertson wrote:

> On 28/11/2005, at 9am, Jonathan Kew wrote:
>> Ugh -- I've never seen an actual font name with a colon in it! (Or  
>> period, I think.) Both of those may present problems.
> It seems that a few of these iTunes fonts (where-ever they come  
> from; I did install them at one stage) have this ugly name.
> I thought that fonts could be chosen with their postscript name as  
> well, but I appear to be mistaken about that. This would have  
> solved the problem easily, but not necessarily nicely.

I think that may have worked in some early releases, but fell by the  
wayside during a re-write and speed-up of the font loading code. As  
it happens, that code is currently being re-rewritten for other  
reasons.... :)

>> * provide a \XeTeXfont command that splits things up into separate  
>> arguments with keywords identifying the pieces, e.g,
>>     \XeTeXfont\myfontid = "Font name" style "B" features  
>> "feature=setting;..." at 12pt
>> Here, the "font name" would be used directly, without any parsing  
>> for style/feature information.
> I like this a lot; it's similar to those weird (LaTeX3 terminology)  
> TeX commands like \hrule...

Thought you might like it.... seems to me that it would be a good fit  
for packages like fontspec.

Currently, I'm leaning towards this approach, as I think it provides  
a much cleaner "interface" for the user than something involving  
escape characters or catcode dependencies. (Catcodes are gone by the  
time the name is parsed for features, btw -- so that suggestion  
wouldn't be trivial to implement either.)

I was just about to release version 0.99 (I think you're going to  
like it), but I'll hold it a little longer while I think about this  
issue and see if a solution can be included.

Watch this space.... :)


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